Capability enhancement and development schemes
College Student Union Cabinet


Women Empowerment Cell

♦ Women Empowerment Cell of our college provides guidelines for strengthening and empowering the students to meet the challenges of life.

Earn While You Learn

♦ Earn While You Learn scheme empowers the students with the awareness of self-employability and economic independence.The main objective of this scheme is to instil self-confidence in the students.

Vocational Guidance

♦ Vocational Guidance is rendered to the students to acquire job oriented skills and qualify them for self-employment. Besides physical education and yoga, students have diligent coaching in Hindi, typewriting and sewing.

Study Circle

♦The Study Circle functions with the aim of giving a strong foundation to appear for competitive examinations in general and for TNPSC examinations in particular.

Entrepreneurship & Talent Development Cell

♦ Entrepreneurship & Talent Development Cell of the Department of Management Studies is functioning with the motive of inculcation entrepreneurial culture among the student community. The cell regularly organizes various workshops to impart a wide range of entrepreneurial skills.

Minority Cell

♦ Our College minority cell provides assistance to the personal, educational and cultural needs of the minority students including Muslims and Christians.

Service Forums

♦ Our student render their helping hanew 5o humanity at various levels. The hands that serve others are better than the lips that pray.

Planning Forum

♦ The main objective of this Forum is to make the students plan-conscious. Nearly 65 students enrolled their name as members in the Planning Forum.

Social Service League

♦ The old and the destitute in the society have to be protected with care and concern our students make periodical visit to old age home and orphanage centre.

National Social Service

♦ The National Social Service units of our institution provide an opportunity to the students to work for and among the people in mitigating some of the social problems.

Clubs for enlightenment and social values

Eco Club

♦ Eco Club motivates our students to keep their surroundings green and clean by undertaking plantation of trees. Nearly 200 students enrolled themselves as eco club volunteers.

Quiz Club

♦ Quiz Club caters to the intellectual hunger of the students by organized by an Intra-collegiate Quiz Competition.


♦The UNO ANIMO Club of our college propagates value based teaching that would instill communal harmony among the student community. Oneness of all religions and spirit of patriotism are stressed on the occasions of Independence Day and Republic Day celebration. On those occasions communal harmony songs were sung by the students.

Youth Red Cross

♦ Our college students render their voluntary service to the public by donating blood and helping the students in identifying their blood group.