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Department of Business Administration (PG)

About Us

     The MBA programme offered by Department of Business Administration is committed to holistic development of women encompassing quality management education, skills development, experiential understanding and above all, rooted in value- based learning. We invite the young aspiring graduates to join MBA program in V.V.Vanniaperumal college for women and take an assertive step towards business excellence.
  • To excel in business education with a focus on the integrated development of values, knowledge, attitude and skills to suit the ever changing business environment.
  • To foster a conducive learning environment that creates professionally competent, innovative and dynamic business leaders.
  • To nurture entrepreneurial culture in young minds.
  • To encourage holistic development of individuals integrating discipline and ethics.
  • To promote research in focus areas of management.
     The department has an exclusive and spacious library and possesses wide and latest collection of books on diverse areas of management. Further, subscriptions to international journals, business magazines, periodicals and dailies are also available in the department library.

Computer Lab:
     The computer lab in the department has 50 terminals that are equipped with updated software and complete internet connectivity.The computer lab and the department has uninterrupted internet connection to enable students to gain access to instant, online and recent materials for reference.

Class rooms:
     The classrooms are spacious and equipped with audio-visual aids to facilitate an ambience for efficient teaching-learning environment. Smart Classroom, which is digitally equipped to provide an effective teaching-learning environment is also available.


S.No. Name of the Programme Sanctioned Strength Syllabus

Faculty Members

Dr. P. Suganthi
Assistant Professor & Head
Mrs. L. M. Mahalakshmi
Assistant Professor
Mrs. A. Ajitha
Assistant Professor
Ms. M. Keerthiga Sri
Assistant Professor
Mrs. V. Balapriya
Assistant Professor


E & TD Cell

     Virudhunagar is the town acclaimed for its trade & business. It is laden with entrepreneurs. The Entrepreneurial culture of this land is also imbibed in women and they exhibit it by carrying out small business and enrolling themselves as self-help groups. As an educational institution we would like to create entrepreneurial spirit and culture among the students and women in Virudhunagar. Hence the Entrepreneurship & Talent Development cell was inaugurated in the Department of Management Studies in our college in the academic year 2012-2013.

     The vision of the cell is to become a renowned center of excellence for entrepreneurship development and actively mentoring and training aspiring entrepreneurs to realize their dreams.

     The mission of the cell is to develop an entrepreneurial spirit among youth and to provide guidance for translating their latent ideas into viable enterprises.

Various Activities held under the cell are:
  • Our cell is an Institutional member of WE- Women Entrepreneurs Association (Madurai Chapter), which helps students in networking with Women Entrepreneurs.
  • The cell offers a one year “Certificate Course on Becoming Entrepreneur” to expose students to knowledge of entrepreneurship & Business Management.Also to enable them in identifying Business opportunities and facilitate Business plan Preparation and help them in startingsmall scale business enterprise.
  • In order to motivate the students in identifying the right business opportunities and to convert their business ideas to a viable business enterprise, business plan contest was organized for the MBA students.
  • College bazaar, a joint initiative by Govt. of Tamilnadu, Management studies students of our college and Self Help Groups of Virudhunagar district was organised to market the products produced by SHG in colleges and promote them.
  • Free workshop to Self Help Group Members on satin pillow making was conducted to help them to add new products to their business portfolio.
  • Throughout the academic year, about 12-15 skill development training programs are conducted to enable the students acquire skill and convert these skills into real time business venture. The workshop includes
    • Workshop on Food Processing Industry like making of Biscuits, Amla Squash, Chocolate, Pizza & Sherbet.
    • Workshop on Jewellery making includes Crystal jewellery, Paper quiling jewellery, Polymer clay Jewellery, Terracotta Jewellery, Air dry clay jewellery.
    • Workshop on Personal Accessories include Jute bag, Clutch, Designer Hand bag & Mobile phone pouch.
    • Workshops are conducted for home décor products like Fur Toys, Pillow, Curtain Holder, Satin Flowers, Photo frame, Jewell Box, Wax craft.
    • 6 day Beautician course was conducted for the students.
  • A one day workshop on “Bakery & Confectionary” is organized to students by Bell Institute of Hotel Management.
  • Short term courses like Drone designing and piloting, Digital marketing, Machine Learning, Arduino & Robotics, Android Application Development, CCTV Camera & Security Service, Home Appliances Maintenance and Mobile phone Servicing was organized to suite the industrial needs.
  • Students as trainers “ is a series of workshop of the students for the students by the students. In these workshop students learn entrepreneurial skills from student trainerwho are mastery in those skills. This promotes students from learners to trainers.


  • To prepare attractive range of tasty, quality and affordable food products
  • To sell the food products in 'Young Minds' and 'Vyapar' stalls
  • To develop entrepreneurial skills and to promote self-employment.

        Suvai, a campus company, was established in 2012 to market packed foodstuffs made by students themselves.The recipes are properly planned out and the ingredients are carefully chosen to produce the culinary products.
        A group of students work together to plan the items, prepare them, market and sell and maintain stock. The members divide the work among themselves according to their skill and will. As the items are sourced and made by the students, the cost of the goods is at minimal and hence, the prices are kept at a minimal.
        Three group are formed (based on the strength of the class) to generate ideas for food products that can be made and sold in stalls. Each group acts like a company. One student is appointed as a CEO and in other managerial positions. By playing different roles, the students will be able to develop a variety of entrepreneurial skills, such as planning, leading, decision-making, guiding, and problem-solving. All of these things can be applied by students to their real-world careers as successful entrepreneurs.
To sum up,
  • Prepare Suvai food products for Young Minds and Vyapar stalls
  • Plan about selection of food products, purchase ingredients, prepare food items, pack them appropriately, sell and maintain accounts.
  • Review the sales of Suvai products for further development of Suvai products in the subsequent stalls.

        Suvai, a Campus Company was started in the second year of starting Entrepreneurship & Talent Development Cell in 2013-14. The purpose was to offer practical knowledge to the students of MBA about the entrepreneurial and managerial theory and concepts.
        The students are making available a variety of products for sale in Young Minds, stall. Among them, one such variety is Suvai (Tempt to Taste) Food Products. The food products target the audience in the college, i.e. the students and staff members. Hence, students select one or two food products to be displayed in the stall, buy the ingredients, prepare them in a hygienic manner, pack them appropriately and sell them in stalls at affordable prices. The idea of this effort is to understand the target market and introduce products to suit the requirements of the market.

Committee Members for the year 2023 - 2024
CEO - Shining Stars Stall:K.Karthika, II MBA
CEO - Unique Girls Stall:K.Padmavathi, II MBA
CEO - Kitty Shop Stall:P.Pavittrah, II MBA
CEO - Come to our paradise Stall:M.Kohila, I MBA
CEO - Day with dudes Stall:M.Keerthiha, I MBA
CEO - Sparkling queen’s Stall:K.Devigemsubha, I MBA
CEO - Andakaakasam Stall:K.Rajavalli, I MBA

Young Minds

  • To organise trade stalls and sell products in the college premises
  • To inculcate entrepreneurial culture among the students and create a passion for self-employment
  • To develop entrepreneurial & intrapreneurial traits like creativity, leadership, decision making, analytical skills, etc. among students to be a successful entrepreneur.
  • To learn by practice the roles of managerial personnel by assuming different managerial positions in organising stall activities.

        Young Minds, a campus company, was established in 2013 that provides the platform to the students in practicing and experiencing entrepreneurship.
        The students create a team, discuss about the procuring products, how they will be displayed, the marketing tactics that will be used, the product’s price, sales and accounts maintenance. These activities instill in the students the best entrepreneurial practices and culture. The junior students take over the business from the seniors to continue in their successful footsteps after the senior students' glorious completion as shareholders.
To sum up,
  • Setting up stalls and selling products that are of appeal to students, teaching and nonteaching staff in college
  • Selecting products for sale, procurement of raw materials, preparing products, marketing them and handling accounts for all the activities.
  • Review the stall activities for further improvement in subsequent stalls.

        Young Minds, a Campus Company was started in the second year of starting Entrepreneurship & Talent Development Cell in 2013-14. The purpose was to offer practical knowledge to the students of MBA about the entrepreneurial and managerial theory and concepts.
        The students, as a part of the Campus Company initiative, will organise themselves into groups (as in companies) and assume different managerial positions and perform related managerial activities. The stalls display products that will target the audience in the college, i.e. the students and staff members. Affordable to premium products will be available for sale in the stall. Every year, II MBA students will organise stalls in the odd semester and hand over the same to their juniors (I MBA) in the even semester. In this way, each batch of MBA students will get the opportunity to organise stall activities for 2 semesters. Each student will invest Rs.100 and produce / buy products and sell them. The products that appeal to the students and staffs will be avaialble for sale. The aim is to make students learn managerial and entrepreneurial skills.
        Apart from this, the studetns also organised a mega-trade fair called VYAPAR for two days once evey year. For this event, they will invest Rs.1000 each and source and make products. Best Stalls will be selected after evaluation by external judges on parameters innovation, concept, display, variety of products, coordination and presentation and awarded as BEST VYAPARI - Winner and Runner-up.
        Since its inception, the company has gradually increased in terms of variety and quantity of product offerings in the stall. The products will range from snacks and other eatables, cosmetics, fashion accessories, dress materials, household items, toys, stationeries, etc. The products will also cover artistic and aesthetic home-decor collections.

Committee Members for the year 2023 - 2024
CEO - Shining Stars Stall:M.Sangeetha, II MBA
CEO - Unique Girls Stall:V.Kanishma, II MBA
CEO - Kitty Shop Stall:K.Padmavathi, II MBA
CEO - Come to our paradise Stall:S.Sasipriya, I MBA
CEO - Day with dudes Stall:M.Sumithra, I MBA
CEO - Sparkling queen’s Stall:P.Sabna devi, I MBA
CEO - Andakaakasam Stall:T.Rajalakshmi, I MBA

Contact Details

Address : Dr.P.Suganthi,
Head & Assistant Professor,
Department of Business Administration,
V.V.Vanniaperumal College for Women,
Virudhunagar - 626 001.

Mail Id :mbas@vvvcollege.org

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