List of Students

Financial Assistance from the Government

S.No. Scholarship Amount (Rs.) No. of Students Benefited
1 Backward Class Scholarship 32,55,452 1309
2 Adidravida and Tribal Welfare Scholarship 21,01,515 388
3 Tamil Medium Stipend 35,800 179
4 Chief Minister Award - -
5 Prize Money Award(Adidravida) - -
6 Stipend to full time Ph.D. Scholars 36,000 1
7 Students Aid Fund 7,000 17
Total 54,35,767 1894

Financial Assitance from other Agencies

Our college generates funds from various agencies every year to help the economically weak students as a part of Students Welfare Activity Programme.The following is the list of bounteous internal agencies rendering their financial help to the needy students.

     ♦ Physics-Akshaya

     ♦ Guru Sishya Fund

     ♦ Old Students Association Fund

     ♦ Commerce Cornucopia

     ♦ English Karpaga Viruksha

     ♦ History-Springs

     ♦ V.V.Vanniaperumal College for Women Retired Teachers Kamadhenu Golden Jubilee Fund

Number of Students Benefited

     ♦ Unja V.Dhanasamy Parimala Devi Trust provide the service for the welfare of our students (31 Students benefited)

     ♦ Hindu Samaya Vazhipattu Kazhagam provides free noon meal (22 Students benefited)

     ♦ Palasaraku Kadai Mahamai Tharappu provide for the students who are parentless,physically challenged Hindu Nadar (37 Students benefited)