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Research Centres

Madurai Kamaraj University approved Research Centres are

  • Commerce
  • English
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Biochemistry
  • Tamil

Research Academia

        The College is committed to impart research-based learning and foster innovation-driven research culture. The Research Academia, the research hub of the College, is headed by the Dean Research promotes quality research among the teaching and learning communities. It functions with the motto of fostering the research ecosystem. It monitors and guides all research endeavours adopting a well-defined Research Promotion Policy.

Committees and Policies
        The members of the Research Advisory Committee and the Research Ethics Committee periodically update the existing policies for Research Promotion, IPR and Consultancy to meet the needs and changes in research standards. They ensure the adherence to the regulations of the UGC and the affiliated University, Madurai Kamaraj University in all research activities.

Research Initiatives
  • Provides academic support to Research Scholars, Research Supervisors, and Research Departments.
  • Organises capacity-building programmes such as Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, and Faculty Development Programmes to strengthen the research skills of the stakeholders.
  • Provides a platform to learner community for showcasing their research caliber by presenting research papers in Student–Faculty Research Forum.
  • Renders financial assistance biannually as seed money to Faculty for promoting disciplinary, interdepartmental and interdisciplinary minor research projects under “VVVCMB-MRP Scheme”.
  • Identifies the research potential of the faculty and encourages them to apply for the grants from Government and Non Government Funding Agencies.
  • Strengthens the infrastructure through mobilising funds from various agencies for enhancing teaching, learning and research.
  • Publishes the research output of researchers across the globe in an online, Biannual, Multidisciplinary research Journal- International Multidisciplinary Innovative Research Journal (IMIRJ with ISSN: 2456-4613).
  • Honours the research excellence of the Faculty who publish Books, Chapters in Books, Articles in Web of Science/Scopus/UGC CARE journals and complete Ph.D. and projects with awards and mementos.
  • Assists publishing Books and Conference Proceedings with ISBN in collaboration with a national publishing agency.
  • Takes research findings to society through consultancy and extension services.
  • Collaborates with Educational Institutions, Government and Non-Government Organizations, Industries and others for the Research and Internship.
  • Motivates potential researchers to document the research findings in databases.
  • Identifies the patentable research projects and guides the innovator in steering the patent process.

Research Activities

  • Intimation of UGC Regulations on Research to Research Scholars /Research Supervisors
  • Upgradation of PG Departments as Research Departments
  • Augment the number of Research Supervisors and Ph.D Research Scholars
  • Honouring Research Supervisors
  • Functioning of Student Faculty Research Forum
  • Optimizing Research skills - Special lectures, Facuty Development Programme, Seminar, Conference
  • Strengthening infrastructures, resources through funding agencies
  • Providing financial assistance to the faculty under Minor Research Project Scheme
  • Establishing Instrumentation Facility Centre
  • Pursuing Research Projects from Government / non-Governmental Organization
  • Publication of Research Articles in highly cited Journals
  • Publication of Biannual International Multidisciplinary Research Journal
  • Book Publication / Chapters contribution in the Book
  • Field Survey/ Laboratory Analysis
  • Awareness Programme
  • Self Employment venture
  • In-house expertise
  • Infrastructure


S.No.Name of the Research Guide with DesignationArea of SpecializationDetails of Ph.D Scholars
Pursuing /Thesis Submitted*Awarded
Associate Professor of Commerce
Entrepreneurship Development-20
2.Dr.P.P. Shanthy
Associate Professor of Commerce
Finance Management - Marketing -1
3.Dr.M.Ponnien Selvi
Associate Professor of Commerce
Entrepreneurship Development 2 + 2*2
Associate Professor of Commerce
Women Empowerment, Production and Marketing - Marketing 1 + 3*4
Assistant Professor of Commerce
Finance & Entrepreneurship Development 1-
Assistant Professor of Commerce
Entrepreneurship --
Associate Professor of English
Indian Short Stories in English 2-
Associate Professor of English
Autobiographical Studies 3-
Assistant Professor of English
Indian Writing in English 2-
Assistant Professor of English
Post Colonial Literature 5-
Associate Professor of English
Indian Writing 2-
Assistant Professor of English
Canadian Literature 3-
Associate Professor of English
American Literature 4-
14.Dr.A.Anitha Raj
Assistant Professor of English
Indian Writing in English 1-
Assistant Professor of English
Canadian Literature & Indian Writing in English --
16.Dr.V.Thaiyal Nayaki
Assistant Professor of English
American Literature --
Associate Professor of History
Medieval Period 4-
Associate Professor of History
Indian History - Modern Period 21
Associate Professor of History
History of Tamilnadu - Modern Period --
Associate Professor of History
History of Tamilnadu Medieval Period --
21.Dr.S.M.Meena Rani
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Graph Neural Network -1
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Lattice Theory, Soft Set Theory, Neutrosophic Set Theory --
Associate Professor of Biochemistry
Molecular Psychiatry 4-
Associate Professor of Biochemistry
Plant Biochemistry and Clinical Biochemistry 2-
Associate Professor of Biochemistry
Plant Biochemistry and Environmental Biochemistry - Medicinal Plants 2-
Associate Professor of Tamil
Tholkappiyam 31
Assistant Professor of Tamil
Modern Literature - Feminism 2-
Associate Professor of Tamil
Female Journalism 1-
Associate Professor of Tamil
Kappiya Ilakkiam - Kamparamayanam 1-
Associate Professor of Tamil
20th Century Tamil literature - Modern Literature 1-
31.Dr.A.Azhagu Parvathi
Associate Professor of Physics
Solid State Physics 1-
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Water Quality, Nano technology, Metal complex 1-
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Electrochemistry --
Associate Professor of Zoology
Indian Marine Tunicates/Ascidians 1-
Assistant Professor of Zoology
Clinical Studies, Molecular Genetics and Bioinformatics, Environmental Management and Population Studies. 1-
Assistant Professor of Zoology
Diversity of Spiders --
37.Dr.B.Karunai Selvi
Associate Professor of Botany
Agricultural Microbiology --
38.Dr.R.Murugalakshmi Kumari
Assistant Professor of Botany
Phytoremediation - Stress Physiology --
Associate Professor of Home Science
Human Development, Food Product Development --
40.Dr.P.Clara Jeyaseeli
Scientometrics --

Research Projects

Government Funded Projects


       The College Managing Board takes research initiatives to nurture the research potential of the faculty. VVVCMB-MRP Scheme launched in 2018 provides financial support as seed money to carry out a Minor Research Project of social significance. This scheme aims at promoting disciplinary and interdisciplinary research in emerging areas that has potential to receive fund from external agencies. It also facilitates the research aspirants to present their research papers in national/international conferences, publish research articles in high-impact journals/books. The Research Academia identifies the outcome-based research that initiates patents and start-ups.

       Every year the call for the project proposal is made twice as Phase I and Phase II in the beginning of November and April respectively. The project proposals submitted by the faculty are approved for the grant after plagiarism check, reviewed by the subject experts, recommendation of the Research Advisory Committee and Research Ethics Committee and approval of the College Managing Board. The Secretary has the power to release the grant towards the selected projects.

       The duration of the project is minimum of one year for the grant released under Category I (seed money less than Rs.50,000/-) and maximum of one and half a year for Category II (Seed money more than Rs.50,000/-). The Order Copy is given to the selected projects of Principal Investigators and Co-Principal Investigators. The PIs of the project have to submit the Mid-term Project Progress Report after 6 months and the Project Completion Report at the end of the project tenure along with the Utilization Certificate and the articles published/paper presented in International Conference. A certificate of completion is issued to the Principal Investigators and the Co-Principal Investigators.

Research Advisory Committee

Thiru. P.C.S. Govindarajaperumal, B.A.,

Dr. S.M. Meena Rani

Dr. A. Azhagu Parvathi
Dean Science
Associate Professor & Head
Department of Physics

Dr. S. Sharmelee
Dean Arts
Assistant Professor of English

Dr. N. Prithivikumaran
Associate Professor & Head
Department of Physics
V.H.N.Senthikumara Nadar College
Subject Expert (External)

Dr. M. Tamilselvi
Dean Research
Associate Professor
Department of Zoology

Dr. B. Karunai Selvi
Dean Student Endeavours
Associate Professor & Head
Department of Botany

Associate Professor of Commerce
Member, Student Faculty Research Forum
Assistant Professor
Department of Physics

Research Ethics Committee

Ex-Officio:Thiru. P.C.S.Govindarajaperumal,B.A.,
Chair Person:Dr. S.M. Meena Rani
Dean Research:Dr. M.Tamilselvi
Associate Professor of Zoology
Dean Arts:Dr. Sharmelee
Assistant Professor of English
Dean Science:Dr. A.Azhagu Parvathi
Associate Professor & Head
Department of Physics
Controller of Examinations:Dr. G.Karthigai Lakshmi
Associate Professor & Head
Department of Computer Science
External Subject Expert:Dr. N. Prithivikumaran
Associate Professor & Head
Department of Physics
V.H.N.Senthikumara Nadar College
Faculty from Research Department:Dr. M.Ponnien Selvi
Associate Professor of Commerce
Faculty from Life Science:Dr. P.Annapoorani
Associate Professor & Head
Department of Biochemistry
Medical Fraternity:Dr. N.Dhanapal
Librarian:Dr. P.Clara Jeyaseeli
Legal Advisor:Tmty. S.Arunshenbagamani, M.L

IPR Cell

        Our college constitutes IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) Cell for nurturing the students, researchers and Faculty members those who need support in using their research knowledge to craft a patentable product for the benefit of the society. The key features of IPR Cell of our college are
  • Creating awareness about IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) among the students, Research Scholars and Faculty members by conducting seminars/ workshops/ conferences and training programmes to understand the basic concepts of IPR.
  • Fostering ideas, creativity and innovation on the development of technology, process, products and designs.
  • Identifying the innovators and giving technical/ infrastructure support to develop the product/process for patenting.
  • Providing financial assistance to do mini projects for exploring innovative ideas, methodology, process, designs and product development among innovators.
  • Offering a platform to the students, research scholars and faculty to have a link with various departments of our college in utilizing inhouse expertise, infrastructure facilities, other institutions, industries and R&D Institution.
  • Providing proper guidance to file for the patent.
  • Protecting and promoting IPR for encouraging to get patent through IPR policy innovation and creativity.
  • Awarding/rewarding the innovators for their contribution in IPR.

Activities for the year 2022-2023

S.No.Date Department Programme Resource person Research Academia, IPR Cell with National IP Awareness Mission Awareness Programme on IPR Mr.A.Seetha Raman, Examiner of Patents and Designs,
Intellectual Property Office,
Chennai National IP Awareness Mission (NIPAM),
Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade,
Ministry of Commerce Industry, Govt. of India Research Academia, IPR Cell with RGNIIPM Awareness Programme on IPR and Patents, Designs and Filing Mrs.Pooja Vishal Maulikar,
Examiner of Patents & Design,
RGNIIPM Government of India, Nagpur Under DBT Star College Scheme- Department of Zoology FDP on Awareness workshop on Patent search and Filing Procedures Dr.Gomathi Padma Thilaga Sivanantham,
Scientist- B, Patent Information Centre,
Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology, Chennai Under DBT Star College Scheme- Department of Biochemistry Guest lecture programme on Research Practices and Ethics in Biological Sciences Dr.D.Victor Arokia Doss, Associate Professor,
Department of Biochemistry,
P.S.G College of Arts & Science College, Coimbatore

Patent Publications

Name of the Author(s)Title of the Paper Month and Year of Publications Patent Publications details
Dr.K.Sudha Rameshwari,
M.Amirthavalli (Student),
Dr.R.Gloria Jemmi Christobel,
Assistant Professors of Biochemistry,
V.V.Vanniaperumal College for Women, Virudhunagar
Development of Herbal Tablet For Therapeutic Intervention 08.07.2022 Patent Application No. 202241038448
Indian Patent Office Journal Number - 27/2022
Mrs.M.Rajakumari & Dr.R.Salini,
Assistant Professor(s) of Biochemistry,
V.V.Vanniaperumal College for Women, Virudhunagar
A Method, System and Apparatus for Cancer Immunotherapy based on Nanomedicines 16.09.2022 Patent Application No. 202241050942
Office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks,
Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion,
Ministry of Commerce and Industry,
Government of India
Dr.R.Gloria Jemmi Christobel,
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry,
V.V.Vanniaperumal College for Women, Virudhunagar
Lung Cancer Detecting Device using Biosensor 11.01.2023 Patent No. 368753-001
The Patent Office Government of India
Dr.B.Karunai Selvi,
Associate Professor and Head,
Department of Botany,
V.V.Vanniaperumal College for Women, Virudhunagar
A method for morphological, anatomical and biochemical analysis of Costusigneus and silver nanoparticle synthesis 17.03.2023 Patent Application Publication No:202341012891
The Patent Office Journal No.11/2023 Dated 17.03.2023

Activities for the year 2021-2022

S.No.Date Department Programme Resource person Research Academia & IPR Cell Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)-Patents and Designs Process Dr.Bharat Nagurao, Suryawanshi, Assistant Controller of Patents and Designs,
RGNIIPM Nagpur, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India Computer Science under DBT Star College Scheme FDP on Intellectual Property Rights: Patent Around Us Mr.Mareeswaran Jeyachandran, MCA, Software Engineer, Avaya India Pvt. Ltd., Pune, India Biotechnology & IPR Cell FDP on What, Why and How of Patents Mrs.Latika Khanduja, Certified Patent Agent,
Founder & Director – IPLOEA, Gurugram, Haryana Chemistry under DBT Star College Scheme National Level Seminaron Innovation and intellectual property Rights: Introduction, Drafting and filling Patents Dr.Vikas V.Gite, Assistant Professor, School of Chemical Sciences, Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North, Maharashtra University (KBCNMU) Research Academia , IPR Cell & Institution Innovation Council Awareness programme on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Seetha Raman A, Examiner of Patents and Designs, National IP Awareness Mission,
Department for Promotion of Industries and Internal trade,
Ministry of Commerce Industry, Government of India

Patent Punlications/Documentation in Database

Name of the Author(s)Title of the Paper Month and Year of Publications Patent Publications details
Dr.V. Jeyasimga,
Assistant Professors(s),
Department of Biotechnology,
V.V.Vanniaperumal College for Women, Virudhunagar
Method for manufacturing biodegradable polymeric nanoparticle 2022 (04.03.2022) Official Journal of the Patent Office
The Patent Office Journal No. 09/2022
Dated 04.03.2022
Assistant Professors(s)
Department of Biotechnology
V.V.Vanniaperumal College for Women, Virudhunagar
Enterobacter cloacae strain VRRAB_5 16S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequence 2022 (11.01.2022) Nucleotide-NCBI
An official website of the United States Government
GenBank: KC990822.1

Activities for the year 2023-2024

         The IPR Cell has been functioning from 2021 onwards to create awareness among the students, research scholars and faculty members on Intellectual Property Rights. It also aims to identify the innovators and patentable research works to get a patent.
        In 2023-2024, Dr.R.Salini, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry received an amount of Rs. 2,00,000/- under the Community Innovator Fellowship granted by Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aoyog, New Delhi for her innovative ideas in the production of compostable herbal based-menstrual pads. This work is initiated with purchased equipment under this scheme in scaling-up the production of menstrual pads to meet the challenges in society. Definitely, it would bring another milestone in establishing the start-up VVVC Sakthi and incubation center . Our college provides an additional grant of Rs.1,70,000/- under the VVVCMB-MRP Scheme towards the project titled "A study on Quality attributes of compostable menstrual pad: An alternative source to promote Health and hygiene for Women" for quality check of the product before it reaches the consumer ground.

Community Innovator Fellowship

S.No. Name of the InnovatorTitle of the Project/Product Details of Funding Agency Amount(Rs.)
1. Dr.R.Salini,
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry,
V.V.Vanniaperumal College for Women, Virudhunagar
Compostable membrane and Herbal based Menstrual Pads Community Innovator Fellowship, ACIC, New Delhi 2,00,000


:College Managing Board Member
Dr.S.M.Meena Rani
Dean Research
:Member of Curriculum Development Cell
Dean Science
:Member of Curriculum Development Cell
Dean Arts
:Member of Curriculum Development Cell
IQAC Co-ordinator
:Member of Curriculum Development Cell
Dr.G.Karthigai Lakshmi
Associate Professor of
Computer Science & Head
:Senior Faculty Member
Dr.A.Uma Devi
Associate Professor of
Mathematics & Head
:Senior Faculty Member

Code of Ethics for Research Scholars

       The institution has framed the code of ethics for those who engage themselves in research- oriented activities at different levels in its campus:

Paper Presentation in Conferences/Seminars/Research Forum
  • The research article must be the original contribution of its author, it must not have been presented or published in any other Conferences Seminars organized anywhere inside the college campus or outside.
  • In case of data collection for survey sampling or using questionnaire, prior permission has to be obtained from the Head of the concerned department orally.
  • Details about the Papers presented in Conferences/Seminars should be immediately reported to IQAC with a Xerox copy of the certificate.
  • For UG and PG projects, the students are expected to choose a topic, not one chosen before, and get it approved by the project guide/supervisor.
  • o part of the project should be copied from e-resources or from the work done by their co-leamers or from any project done earlier verbatim.
  • In case of plagiarism, the project work will be cancelled by the guide and the scholar has to rewrite and if necessary, re-submit her project.
  • The choice of a problem for a project in science disciplines has to be unique and non-repetitive and pertinent to the locale. As per the saying. "Think globally. Act locally".
  • the scholars and researchers are advised to take up local problems for their research work to enable the surrounding community.
  • For M.Phil. and Ph.D. programmes, the institution follows the norms and codes prescribed by the affiliated university.
  • For late submission of M.Phil. thesis, an amount of Rs. 500- is charged as fine for every six months of delay.
  • The journal is purely academic, multidisciplinary, and funded by management.
  • It is a peer reviewed journal
  • Only the original and significant research articles are published at free cost and with free access.
  • The contributors can submit their manuscripts through online.
  • The journal is published twice in a year.

Student-Faculty Research Forum

        Student Faculty Research Forum provides a platform to promote research activities among the students and staff members.