Department of Computer Science (Self)


  • To promote academic excellence and inculcate the quest for continuous learning and research and to outreach the wider community.


  • To offer an indepth knowledge of the subject.
  • To impart practical skills in the applications of domain knowledge in real life situation problem.
  • To co-ordinate knowledge, skills and attitude towards successful career.
  • To promote original inquiry and innovations.
  • To equip the graduates to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

History of the Department

    The year of Starting for
  • B.Sc Computer Science(SF) - 1995 - 1996
  • M.Sc Computer Science(SF) - 1995 - 1996


  • Inauguration of new club “Student’s Thrive” on 31.07.2019.
  • Extension Service Activities at Sengundrapuram, Pudupatti, Virudhunagar, on 05.09.2019.
  • Computer Labs with State of the Art equipment and modern software tools.
  • Internet Connection for students.
  • Effective use of ICT in teaching learning process.
  • Enhancing knowledge, skills and learning capability with help of well equipped lab and library facilities.
  • Students acquire updated knowledge on latest trends and technologies.

Programmes offered

S.No. Name of the Programme Sanctioned

Faculty Members

S.No. Name of the Faculty Designation
1 Tmty.P.Aruna Devi M.Sc.,M.Phil., Head & Assistant Professor
2 Tmty.S.Veni, M.Sc., Assistant Professor
3 Mrs.T.Chitra, M.Sc., Assistant Professor
4 Miss.A.Divya, M.Sc.,M.Phil., Assistant Professor
5 Mrs.M. Sangeetha Alias Sheeba, M.Sc., Assistant Professor

Succession List of Head of the Department

S.No. Name of the Faculty Year
1Dr.(Tmty.).G.Karthigai Lakshmi1995 - 2007
2Mrs.R.NagajothiJune 2007 – December 2007
3Mrs.N.SanthiDecember 2007 - May 2017

Achievements of the Department

Faculty Achievements

  • Mrs.P.Aruna Devi published research paper on”Hyper-parameter tuning of the best classifier evaluated through comprehensive comparison of supervised learning algorithms” in the Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research.
  • Mrs.P.Aruna Devi published research paper on “Web Services and Tools for Real Time Analytics” in the International journal of Research and Analytical Reviews.
  • Mrs.P.Aruna Devi published research paper on “A Survey of Clustering Algorithm for Very Large DataSet” in the International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology.
  • Mrs.P.Aruna Devi presented research paper on “Big Data Analytics on Amazon Web Services” in the International Conference on Big Data Analytics and Intelligent Technologies.
  • Mrs.P.Aruna Devi delivered Guest Lecture “Tree as a Data Structure” on 20.09.2019 at Madurai Sivakasi Nadar Pioneer Meenakshi College for Women, Poovanthi.
  • Mrs.P.Aruna DeviInaugurated the Association with guest lecture “Role of Mathematics in Computer Science” on 25.09.2018 Saiva Bhanu Kshatriya College, Aruppukottai.
  • Mrs.P.Aruna Devi acts as Chief Guest and Resource Person for Vivid Compu Meet’18 Sermathai Vasan College on 14.8.2018 ‘Recent Emerging Technologies’.
  • Mrs. P.Aruna Devi attended 34 days Program – IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Ropar Campus – Summer Faculty Internship from 17.05.2019 – 19.06.2019 in Ropar, Chandigraph.
  • Mrs.S.Veni presented research paper on “A Survey on Clustering Techniques in Data Mining” in the International Conference on Advances in Mathematics and Computer Science.

Students Achievements

Our Department Students won many awards and prizes in various categories:
  • Selvi S.Aarthy – III B.Sc won overall “Sakalavalli Award “(I position) in Multi talented category.
  • Selvi M.Sangeetha@Sheeba - II M.Sc created new software for College Union Election and developed new software for conducting PG Online Examination.
  • Selvi M.Pandiselvi – II M.Sc won “Individual Sports Overall Championship” during 2018-2019.
  • Selvi M.Pandiselvi – II M.Sc won “University Blue Award” in sports category.

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Notable Alumni

  • K.Padma Priya worked as Assistant Professor in Saiva Bhanu Kshatriya College, Aruppukottai.
  • S.Mahajothi worked as Computer Science Teacher in Lion’s matriculation School, Virudhunagar.
  • V.Krishna Veni worked as Computer Science Teacher in Vivekanantha Matric. Hr. Sec. School, Erode.
  • D.S.Jayasree Worked as Software Developer in Hiya Tech Solutions, Madurai.
  • S.Priyadharshini worked as Marketing Head in Barath Electronic Appliance, Coimbatore.
  • K.Chitra worked as Computer Science Teacher in Sowdambika Convent Matric. Hr. Sec. School, Chettikurichi, Arrupukotai.

Address : Mrs. P.Aruna Devi, M.Sc., M.Phil.,
Assistant Professor and Head,
Department of Computer Science (Self)
V.V.Vanniaperumal College for Women,
Virudhunagar 626 001.

Mail Id

Contact Number:
94890 88717