Department of Biochemistry(PG)


  • To provide an atmosphere in acquiring skills in identifying the link between life science and human resources and to develop leadership to enhance the quality of life.


  • To acquire wide knowledge
  • To develop research interest
  • To provide opportunities to get experience in Research Institutions, Industries, programming and applications skills in Bioinformatics and drug designing
  • To furnish entrepreneurship in biochemistry related areas

History of the Department

      The departmet of M.Sc., Biochemistry was started in the year 1993. Our department has excellent infrastructural facilities and a well furnished laboratory. The department comprises of highly spirited and dedicated teachers and Lab assistant. The department has a credit of TNSCST sponsored student’s projects. M.Phil. Biochemistry was started in the year 2016. Our Department is also conducting two years Diploma course in Medical Laboratory Technology for all Science students. Department promote scientific temper and creativity in students and exposes them to industries/ institutes off campus. We have celebrated 2018 as silver Jubilee year and marching towards Coral Jubilee year.


  • Students regularly receive TNSCST funding for their projects.

  • We arrange industrial visits for students as a regular feature that enable the students to get ideas for their Projects to get exposure towards job opportunities.

  • Our students do in/out projects guided by our faculty as a part of their curriculum in final year. Students those who are interested will do their projects in collaboration with other Institutions, Hospitals and Research Institutes.

  • We conduct Parents- Teachers(PTA) meeting to create a good rapport between the teachers and parents.

  • We conduct a job oriented Diploma programme in Medical Laboratory Technology and students from various disciplines are joining the programme as the classes are conducted only after the completion of regular classes. Internship programme is arranged for DMLT students in reputed city hospitals in summer vocation.

  • Our department conduct outreach programme(ORP) for the School students every year aims at making young children to develop an affinity towards science especially in Biochemistry.

  • An Inter Collegiate competition – VEE QUBE BIOHOME FEST was organized in collaboration with Home Science Dept. On 21.02.2018.

  • We have Academic linkages with the following Research Institutes
    • Venture Intitute, Pasumalai, Madurai
    • AVN Arogya Ayuveda, Herbal hospital,Vilacherry, Madurai
    • Center for Research in Medical Entamology, Chinnachokkikulam, Madurai
    • Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam, Tamilnadu
    • Biogeneic Institute , Nammakkal
    • CECRI, Karaikudi
    • Sankaralingam Bhuaneswari College of Pharmacy, Anaikuttam, Sivakasi
  • We arrange for on-campus placement interviews in the reputed companies for our students every year and few of them are selected and get jobs.

  • We have a well-equipped A/C Room attached laboratory with all infra-structure facilities.

  • We have a very good Department Library with Basic and advanced Text Books(401) , Research journals(10) , Magazines(7) and CDs(4)

  • Our II M.Sc. Students present their projects findings in research forum of our college regularly.

Programmes offered

S.No. Name of the Programme Sanctioned

Faculty Members

S.No. Name of the Faculty Designation
1Dr.(Tmty.) P.Annapoorani, M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.DHead & Associate Professor
2Tmty. K.Sudha Rameshwari, M.Sc.,M.Phil.,PGDBI.,D.M.O.,Assistant Professor
3Tmty. R.Gloria Jemmi Christobel, M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Assistant Professor
4Tmty. M.Rajakumari, M.Sc.,M.Phil.Assistant Professor
5Dr.(Tmty.) R.Salini, M.Sc.,Ph.D.,Assistant Professor

Succession List of Head of the Department

S.No. Name of the Faculty Year
1Dr.P.Annapoorani1993 - 2000
2Dr.R.Mallika2000 - 2002
3Tmty.N.Vijayalakshmi2002 - 2006
4Tmty.R.Rajakala2006 - 2007
5Dr.P.Annapoorani2007 - 2014
6Dr.R.Mallika2014 - 2019

Achievements of the Department

  • State level workshop on ‘Essential Lab skills in Molecular Biology Techniques- from theory to bench ‘was organized by our department on 19.1.2018

  • Hands on training – Workshop on “Microbiology & Molecular biology techniques” held on 24.9.2018 & 25.09.2018.

  • Hands on training – Workshop on “Microbiology & Immunology techniques” held on 19.9.19 & 20.09.19.

  • National Symposium on “Emerging Viral Infectious Diseases” organized by our department with collaboration of Department of microbiology and biotechnology on 31.07.2019

Faculty Achievements

Dr. P. Annapoorani, Associate Professor & Head

  • Served as a Member of NAAC Steering Committee.
  • Co-ordinator of FIST – 2016 0nwards.
  • Recognized Guide in Madurai Kamaraj University and at present guiding two research Scholars.
  • Presented a paper in International Conference on Emerging Trends in Science and Social Science at KuluaLumpur, Malaysia.
  • Completed (18 months) one DBT Sponsored Research Project for 8 Lakhs.
  • Convened one state level workshop on ‘Entrepreneurial Skills’ and International conference on ‘Scientific conference on Scientific and Social Approches to Mental wellbeing’
  • Member , Board of studies of MKU and MSU.
  • Chairman of UG Board of studies since 2009.
  • Delivered Guest lecturers in SBS, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai.
  • Edited a Souvenir - National Edition ‘Scientific and Social Approaches to Mental wellbeing’ with ISBN 978-81-935892-5-0.

Tmty. K. Sudha Rameshwari, Assistant professor

  • Reviewer of an International journal “Advancement in Medical Plant Research” Nigeria from March 2017.

  • Submitted a sequence to Gen Bank on April 2018

  • Received “Best Researcher in Research “ by International Journal for Research Under Literal Access [IJRULA Title Awards,2018], Trichy

  • Received “Outstanding Researcher in Microbial Biochemistry” by Venus International Foundation [VIHA, 2018], Chennai

  • Published 13 research papers in reputed international journal among which two publication is Scopus Indexed

  • Presented papers in National(3) and International (1) conferences from 2017

  • Organized a State level Workshop on ‘Hands on training “Microbiology and Molecular biology Techniques” on 24.9.18- 25.9.18

  • Received Funding assistance from the VVV College managing Board for research project Rs.11,500 for the period of 2019

  • Completed six online courses from different International University

  • Associate editor in Proceeding of National symposium on “Emerging viral infectious disease” published on August 2019 with ISBN No. 978-81-935892-5-0

Tmty. R. Gloria Jemmi Christobel, Assistant professor

  • Published 3 papers in international journals with h- index.

  • Presented papers in international (4) and national (3) conferences from 2017.

  • Completed online course “Diabetes – the essential facts” by University of Copenhagen on Coursera at July 07, 2018.

  • Associate editor in Proceeding of National symposium on “Emerging viral infectious disease” published on August 2019 with ISBN No. 978-81-935892-5-0

Tmty. M. Rajakumari, Assistant professor

  • Presented 1 paper in International Conferences

  • Presented 1 paper in National Seminar

  • Published 3 papers in International Journals

  • Organized 1 workshop and 1 National symposium

  • Organized 1 IQAC State level seminar

  • Member in IQAC.

  • Completed online course “Diabetes – the essential facts” by University of Copenhagen on Coursera

  • Received one student project fund from TNSCET

  • Associate editor in Proceeding of National symposium on “Emerging viral infectious disease” published on August 2019 with ISBN No. 978-81-935892-5-0

Dr.(Tmty.) R. Salini, Assistant professor

  • Reviewer in Microbial Pathogenesis journal (Elsevier)

  • Published articles in SCI indexed international (1) and National (2) journals

  • Presented papers in international (2) and National (1) conferences from 2017.

  • Completed one online course in Coursera

  • Received one student project fund from TNSCET

Students Achievements

  • Every year our PG Students write research, papers & articles. They participate in various competition and got prizes.

Inter-Collegiate Competitions

  • G.Suganthi (I.M.Sc.) received I Prize in Collage completion conducted by Department of microbiology, ANJAC, Sivakasi on 20.12.2017
  • P.Kanmani (I.M.Sc.) received III prize in paper presentation competition in State level intercollegiate meet conducted by Department of Botany, Thiagarajar College, Madurai on 23.01.2018
  • R.Sathiya Priya (I.M.Sc.) received I Prize in Arty Cartoon completion in State level Intercollegiate Meet-“Biobeatz-18” conducted by Department of Biotechnology ANJAC, Sivakasi on 07.9.18
  • A.Kaba Fathum (I.M.Sc.) participated in National youth Day celebration competition and got I prize in short story telling and Elocution on 12.1.2019
  • A.Kaba Fathum (I.M.Sc.) received I prize in Oratorical competition in State level intercollegiate meet on innovative sciences “MICROCOSM” 19 conducted by SFR College, Sivakasi on 29.01.2019
  • R.Sathiya Priya (I.M.Sc.) received I Prize in Clay art completion in State level Intercollegiate Meet-“ Microfesta-2019” conducted by American college, Madurai on 12.2.19
  • P.Kanmani (II.M.Sc.) received I Prize in Quiz competition conducted byCECRI Ladies forum, CECRI, Karaikudi on 8.3.19

Youth Welfare Competitions

  • A.Kabafathum received I prize in youth welfare competition “Springs” organized by Fathima College, Madurai on 7.9.18
  • A.Kabafathum received I (Ramp walk -Fashion Parade) and III(Start camera Action (Short film)) prize in youth welfare competition “NAKSHATRA-2019”organized by Mangayarkarasi college of arts and science for women, Theni

Gold medalists

  • 2016-2017 - D. Ramya
  • 2017-2018 - N.Kasiselvi
  • 2018-2019 - G. Vidya

Proficiency prize winners

  • I - G.Vidya, II M.Sc
  • II - V.Anbupriya, II M.Sc
  • I- J.Julius, II M.Sc
  • II-G.Suganthi, II M.Sc

Details of awards won by Department students

  • M. Ayshwarya received Best College outgoing student award for the year 2014-2015
  • M.Chitra Pandiammal received Best Library user award for the year 2015-2016
  • N.Kasi selvi received Best Library user award for the year 2016-2017
  • N.Kasi selvi received Best Student of the Department award for the 2016-2017
  • G. Vidya received Best out going Student award and Academic Topper for the 2017-2018
  • J.Julius received Best out going Student award and Academic Topper for the 2018-2019
  • P.Kanmani received Best Library user award for the year 2018-2019
  • R.Sathya Priya received Best Library user award for the year 2018-2019


Our Department has MOU with the following company and Laboratory for 5 years
  • Medox private limited, Chennai & Department of Biochemistry (PG), V.V.Vanniaperumal College for Women, Virudhunagar from July 2018
  • Bose clinical laboratory, Madurai & Department of Biochemistry (PG), V.V.Vanniaperumal College for Women, Virudhunagar from June 2019

Notable Alumni

  • Tmty.T.Sharmil, Principal, Meenakshi Mission Hospital & Research Centre, Madurai
  • Tmty.S.Shyla, Research Scientist, VRR Institute of Biomedical sciences, Chennai
  • Tmty.Sophia Syed, Apollo Hospital, Madurai
  • Tmty.Ramamanimozhi, Junior Assistant, PWD, Govt. of Tamil Nadu
  • Tmty.Sheela Devi, Village Administrative Officer, Sivakasi
  • Tmty.Christinal Olivia, Assistant Professor, Lady Doak College, Madurai
  • Tmty.IIavenilArunachalam, Assistant Professor, Mangayarkarasi College for women, Chennai
  • Tmty.Sureetha, M.S., U.S.A
  • Tmty.Lakshmipriya, Research Assistant, Aravind Eye Hospital,Madurai
  • Tmty.Bhuvaneswari Santharam, Assistant Professor, K.R.College, Kovilpatti
  • Tmty.Ladisca Leo, Teaching faculty, Speed Medical Institute private Ltd., Chennai
  • Tmty.M.Prasanna, Medical coder ,Omega health care management services private Ltd, Bangalore
  • Tmty.J.Lakshmi Priya, Senior Technician , Aravind Medical Research foundation, Madurai
  • Tmty.P.Saranya, Quality Assurance Officer , Indian Agricultural Processing Private Ltd, Nilakottai
  • Tmty.V.Suganya Devi, Associate Research Analyst , Thomson Reuters, Chennai
  • Tmty.V.Shenbagavalli, Teacher, K.V.S Centenary School, Virudhunagar
  • Tmty.N. Ramalakshmi, Data entry, Aravind hospital, Madurai
  • D.Jessy Teacher, Government higher secondary school, Sorandai
  • Tmty.B.Pandiselvi, Administrative officer , V Care health clinic, Chennai
  • Tmty.M.Revathi, Lab Technician, Chettinadu Hospitals,Chennai
  • Tmty.N.Kamalachitra, Coder, R.T.Office, West Mambalam,Chennai
  • Tmty.M.Radhika, DNA Lab in charge , KMCH, Avinasi road, Coimbatore
  • Ms.H.Rojasharmi, Assistant professor , Department of biochemistry, P.K.N.College, Thirumangalam
  • Tmty.K.Bama Rukmani, Lab Technician, Ponra hospital, Tirunelveli
  • Ms.M.Abirami, Teacher, A.C.S.P.Nadar chinnamal nursury & Primary School, Virudhunagar
  • Ms.Kanmani, Teacher, KGMS, Virudhunagar
  • Ms.Suganthi, Medical coder, Chennai
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