♦ Grievances Redressal Cell helps students to record their complaints and solve their problems related to academics, facilities and personal grievances.

     ♦ Every Department has a grievance cell led by the Head of the Department.

     ♦ Student complaints are addressed to the Head who then passes it on to the Department faculty.

     ♦ Serious issues are discussed in the staff meetings and the rest are sorted out in an informal manner.

     ♦ The composition of the students' Grievance Redressal Committee is as under:

S.No Name Designation
1 Dr.(Mrs.) Dr.(Mrs.)S.M.Meena Rani, M.Sc.,M.phil.,PGDCA.,Ph.D., Principal
2 Dr. (Mrs.) B.Karunai Selvi, M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D., PGDMBT., Head & Assistant Professor
3 Dr.(Mrs.) B.Suganya, M.Com., M.Phil.,P.G.D.C.A., M.C.A., Ph.D., Assistant Professor
4 Mrs. P.Ramalakshmi, M.Sc.,M.Phil., Assistant Professor


    Complaint Boxes have been installed in the College campus in which the students, who want to remain anonymous, put in writing grievances and their suggestions for improving the academics/administration in the college.

     ♦ The students can personally approach any member of the cell or write an application and drop in to Grievances Cell Box in the college.

     ♦ The Committee sorts out their problems promptly and judiciously.

     ♦ The Committee also redresses the grievances of the students as and when required.

     ♦ As a result of this mechanism, the institute has pleasant ambient atmosphere and good work culture with in-built goodwill and mutual understanding among the students.