Madurai Kamaraj University approved Research Centers are

          ♦ Department of Commerce

          ♦ Department of English

          ♦ Department of History

S.No Department Name of the Guide No.of Ph.D Scholars Name of the Scholar Title of Research Date of Registration
COMMERCE Dr.(Mrs.)A.RAMA Sanctioned -12 Registered-12 Mrs.V.Deivajothi Job Satisfication of Arts and Science College Teachers in Madurai District-A Study With Special Reference to Self financing Courses. 11.12.12
Mrs.P.Geetha Management of Non-Performing Assests in Public Sector Bank- A study with special Reference to Virudhunagar 07.09.15
Mrs.P.Saritha Attitude of Arts College Students Towards the Usage of Internet- A study with Special Reference to Virudhunagar. 02.03.16
Mrs.D.Jeya Priya Service Marketing: A Study with Special Reference to Cellular Phone Service in Virudhunagar District. 17.10.16
Mr.A.Babu Franklin Service Marketing: A Study with Special Reference to Courier Service in Virudhunagar District. 09.03.18
COMMERCE Dr.(Mrs.)P.P.Shanthy Sanctioned -01 Registered-01 Mrs.P.Nagajothi A Study on Attitude of College students towards Social Media-with special reference to virudgunagar District 09.03.18
COMMERCE Dr.(Mrs.)M.Ponnien Selvi Sanctioned -06 Registered-06 Mrs.R.Mahalakshmi A Study on Manufacturing and marketing of Tin Containers in Virudhunagar District, Tamilnadu 09.03.18
Mrs.C.Manimekalai A Study on Marketing Strategies of Builders in Madurai District,TamilNadu: A Study with Special Reference to Courier Service in Virudhunagar District. 28.07.18
Mr.C.Rajeev Gandhi A Study on Impact of Solar Products on Business Environment in Virudhunagar District,Tamil Nadu. 06.10.18
Mrs.P.Packialakshmi Empowerment of Rural People through service sector-A study with Reference to people in Virudhunagar District,TamilNadu. 27.10.18
Mrs.R.Atheeswari A Study of Socio-Economic Development of Florists in Virudhunagar District,TamilNadu. 15.12.18
Mrs.K.Nageswari Problems And Prospects of Diary Industry- A Study with Reference to Virudhunagar District,TamilNadu. 15.12.18
COMMERCE Dr.(Mrs.)J.Mahamayi Sanctioned -08 Registered-08 Mrs.J.Jasmine Bhastina Service Marketing - A Study with Reference to Mobile Network Industry in virudhunagar District, Tamilnadu 19.06.15
Mrs.S.Siva Priya A Study on the Human Resource Practices and Impact on Employees Retention in IT Companies,Chennai. 19.06.15
Mrs.M.Siva Sundari A Study on Hospital Services in Virudhunagar District. 13.07.15
Mrs.M.Maheswari A Study on Marketing of Biscuits in Virudhunagar District. 19.12.15
Mrs.Praiseline Jeba Attitudebof consumers Towards E-Banking -A study with reference to VNR District. 19.12.15
Mrs.R.Anbuselvi A Study on Stress Management Among WomenSchool Techers in Chennai. 19.12.15
Mrs.B.Hemalatha Attitude of consumers towards Hedonic Shopping- A study with Reference to Virudhunagar District. 14.03.16
ENGLISH Dr.(Mrs.)R.Malathy Sanctioned -06 Registered-01
ENGLISH Dr.(Mrs.)S.Anitha Sanctioned - 04 Registered -02 Ms.N.Sangeetha Rani Assistant Prof.of English
Fatima College.
Transgressing Boundaries: An Analysis of Magical Realism in AMy Tan's Select Novels. 06.03.18
Ms.M.Esther Assistant Prof.of English
Fatima College.
Orphan Heroines:A Journey Towards self Discovery in Lucy Mand Montgomery's Appropriate Novels. 09.03.18
ENGLISH Dr.(Mrs.)S.Cinthana Sanctioned - 04 Registered -Nil
ENGLISH Dr.(Mrs.)S.Sharmelee Sanctioned - 04 Registered -Nil
ENGLISH Dr.(Mrs.)B.Winmayil Sanctioned - 04 Registered -01
Elaine Showalter's Gyno-Critical Reflection in Gyno-Realist Chitra Baerjee Divakarun's select novel's-The Vine of Desire Queen of Dreams,The Palace of Illusions and one Amazing Thing. 15.12.18
BIO-CHEMISTRY Dr.(Mrs.)P.Annapoorani Sanctioned - 06 Registered -02 Mrs. P.Ramalakshmi BioChemical and Genetic Contributions among Psychological Variants. 06.10.18
Mr.A.K.V.Sama BioChemical and Molecular studies of Psychiatric Disorders. 06.10.18
HISTORY Dr.(Mrs.)M.Geetha Sanctioned-06 Registered-04 Mrs.L.Mangayarkarasi History of Kalaiyarkovil through the Ages 01.20.17
Mrs.R.Pandeeswari Crime and Punishment in Medieval Tamil society A.D 600-1200. 19.04.17
Mrs.P.Revathi Status of Women in Medeval TamilNadu as Gleanedrom inscriptions A.D 600-1200. 25.04.17
HISTORY Dr.(Mrs.)P.Malarvizhi Sanctioned-06 Registered-02 Mrs.V.C Aathilakshmi Nagarathar's Life styles on the socio cultural context - A Study with special reference to sivanga District 14.07.18
Mrs.M.SriLatha Uma Mahaswar Temple at koneri Rajapuram in Tanjore District-A Historical Study. 15.12.18
HISTORY Dr.(Mrs.)S.Lalitha Sanctioned-04 Registered-Nil
MATHEMATICS Dr.(Mrs.)R.B.Gnanajothi Sanctioned-06 Registered-01 Mrs.R.Seetha Lakshmi A Study on Some Fuzzy Graph Theoritic Concepts. 11.07.19
MATHEMATICS Dr.(Mrs.)S.M.Meena Rani Sanctioned-06 Registered-01
MATHEMATICS Dr.(Mrs.)C.Santhini Sanctioned-06 Registered-Nil
ZOOLOGY Dr.(Mrs.)M.Tamilselvi Sanctioned - 06 Registered -01 Ms.N.Subashini feasibility Study on the Enrichment Sources for biofertilizer utilizing Non-indigenous Marine Tunicates 14.07.18
ZOOLOGY Dr.(Mrs.)P.VeeraMuthumari Sanctioned - 04 Registered -Nil
ZOOLOGY Dr.(Mrs.)P.Vijaya Sanctioned - 04 Registered -Nil