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Chemistry is a basic science. Many branches of Science including Applied Sciences require a basic knowledge in chemistry to make a better understanding of their discipline at various levels. Chemistry Graduates have a number of vistas open to them namely, in the field of education, industry, pharmaceutics and research. Hence M.Sc. Chemistry was introduced in our College during june 2010. Above all, a clear understanding of Chemistry will make a person lead a life of hard work and regularity and maintain an equilibrium among various faces of life and show catalytic effect whenever and wherever required.

Faculty of the FacultyDesignation
1Tmty.R. Nagasathya  M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Head & Assistant Professor
2Dr.(Mrs.)P.Latha, M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,Assistant Professor

The Department of Chemistry has 6 M.Phil. and 1 Ph.D. holder qualified teaching staff who serve the institution and produce very good result in the University Examinations.

Staff Achievement

Dr.(Mrs.) C. Amutha has done the following research publications and presentations: PUBLICATIONS:

    1. ♦ Synthesis, reactions and antibacterial activity of N-(arylmethylene)-alpha-phenyl-beta-nitroethylamine-N-oxides.Indian Journal of Chemistry, vol.35B, May 1996, PP.503-504

    2. ♦ Presented a paper in the National Seminar on Recent Trends in Physical, Organic chemistry sponsored by UGC and organized by the Department of Chemistry, VHNSN College, Virudhunagar on 29th March, 2001  Topic: Synthesis of nitrones in solid state

    3. ♦ Presented a paper in the 20th conference of Indian Council of Chemists held at Mysore university, Mysore on 22nd –24th December 2001 Topic: Rearrangement of alpha-Aryl-N-(2-methyl-1-phenylethyl)nitrones.

    4. ♦ Presented a paper in the National Seminar on “Hydrothermal syntheses and Applications ” sponsored by UGC, organized by the department of chemistry, Manonmanium Sundaranar University, Thirunelveli. Topic:Synthesis of precursors for  Hetrodienes.

      ♦ Mrs. A.Prasanna, M.Sc.,M.Phil., has presented a paper on the topic Green Chemistry in UGC sponsored State Level Seminar.

      ♦ Mrs. M.Amutha Pursuing her Ph.D

      Students Strength :  136

      Department Activities


      ♦ UGC sponsored National Seminar on 'New Perspectives on Eco-Friendly Chemical Technology' was organised from 13.09.2005 to 15.9.2005.

      ♦ One day Regional Level workshop on Laboratory techniques and Computer Applications was organised on 03.01.07.

      ♦ One day State Level Seminar on Recent Trends in Chemistry was organised on 4/3/208.

      ♦ UGC Sponsored State Level Seminar on Role of Chemistry in Environmental Protection was organised on 4/8/2008 and 5/8/2008.

      ♦ 14.12.11 – Regional Level Seminar on “Innovations and challenges in Medical Chemistry”.

      Student Activities

      Projects are part of students' activity. Every year, final year students undertake project work. Water Analysis and Soil Analysis are specific areas of study. Besides this, syllabus oriented projects are also taken up under COSIP.

      Students enthusiastically participate in Inter-Departmental and Inter-Collegiate competitions. They show keen interest in updating their knowledge of Chemistry by reading Chemistry magazines, especially,Chemistry Education, Science Reporter and Scientific American. Their problem solving ability improves by leaps and bounds as they reach the final semester of their study.

      The students periodically hold seminars as part of Chemistry Association Activities. Students present papers on Current Topics and hold discussions & question sessions.

      ♦ Selvi.S.SonaDevi, II M.Sc won the 1st prize for the Paper Presentation in State Level Students Seminar conducted at Thiagarajar College, Madurai on 21.09.2011.

      Lab & Library

      ♦ Chemistry laboratory provides the students with the following equipments along with other basic amenities. They are Digital balances, Digital Conductivity Meter, Digital Voltmeters, Thermostat, Mechanical shaker, Photo Colorimeter, PH-meter etc.

      ♦ There are 1375 books in the General Library and 759 books in the Department Library. We subscribe for three periodicals.
           ♦ Chemistry today
           ♦ Science Reporter
           ♦ Kalai Kathir
           ♦ Microwave Oven

      Academic Excellence

      ♦ Department has recorded that the number of Rank holders are 28 which includes 1 First Rank.

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