Department Of Commerce

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  • To impart knowledge of Commerce so that the learners can spread the seeds of Commerce throughout the fields of the society.


  • To provide an environment for understanding and learning Commerce.
  • To inculcate an aptitude towards research oriented higher studies.
  • To motivate the learners to undertake project works and to apply the findings and suggestions for the betterment of the Society.
  • To transform commerce graduates into dynamic entrepreneurs and potential job providers.

Faculty Members

1 Dr.(Mrs.)A.Rama, M.Com.,Ph.D., Head & Associate Professor
2 Dr.(Mrs.)P.P.Shanthy, M.Com.M.Phil.,Ph.D.,PGDCA Associate Professor
3 Dr.(Mrs.)M.Ponnien Selvi, M.Com.,B.Ed.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,PGDCA Associate Professor
4 Dr.(Mrs.)J.Mahamayi, M.Com.M.Phil.,Ph.D., Assistant Professor
5 Dr.(Mrs.)M.Annam, M.Com.M.Phil.,Ph.D., Assistant Professor
6 Dr.(Mrs.)K.Prabavathi, M.Com.M.Phil.,Ph.D., Assistant Professor
7 Dr.(Mrs.)R.Panchavarnam, M.Com.M.Phil.,M.B.A.,PGDCA.,Ph.D., Assistant Professor
8 Dr.(Mrs.) P. Thenrathi, M.Com., M.Phil.,PGDCA., Ph.D., Assistant Professor
9 Mrs.P.Saritha, M.Sc.,M.Com.M.Phil., Assistant Professor
10 Mrs.R.Atheeswari, M.Com.,M.Phil., Assitant Professor
11 Mrs.P.Kavitha, B.A.,B.L., Part Time Lawyer

Students Strength   - B.Com :  112

Students Strength   - B.Com. with computer applications:  113

Students Strength   - M.Com :  67

Students Strength   - Ph.D :  1


  • 25.01.2017 Workshop on "Making Jute Products".
  • 30.01.2017 Workshop on "Demonitisation" - VVVC COMFEST - 2017
  • 16.12.2017 Cluster college meeting on "Accounting standards"
  • 20.12.2017, 21.12.2017 and 27.12.2017 workshop on "Corel draw"


  • Awarded : 27
  • Pursuing : 22
  • Submitted : 4


  • Publication of Articles in Research Journals/ Proceeding/ Edited Books
          Department of Commerce faculty exhibits their innovative skill in publishing research paper in Research Journals.  
            3 Research Articles were published in e-journals. 
          24 Research papers were published in Proceedings of  National and International Conference organised by various Institutions. 
          21 Research Articles were published in Edited Books.
  • Paper presented in Seminars and Conferences
          Faculty of commerce were presented papers , 2 in State level, 11 in National level and 14 in International level.
  • Awards and Recognition
          Dr. (Mrs.) R. Geetha was recognized as a External Examiner for pre-submission Ph.D., VIVA-VOCE Examination in the Research 
                    Centre of Commerce, Fatima college, Madurai held on 28.03.17.  
          Dr. (Mrs.) S.Thanasundarai is a recipient of The Glory of India Award 2017 . This award was given by Citizen Publishing
    		House, Banglore. She  was recognized  as a Subject Experts in Boards of Studies, Chief in Invigilator ,
    		TNPSC - Group I and Doordharshan to organise  in the "TMS TIMES" Orchestra programme.
          Dr . (Mrs.) A. Rama was recognized as a External Expert on the Board of Studies in VHNSN College, Virudhunagar and 
                    Standard Fire Works Rajaratnam College for Women(Autonomous), Madurai for this academic year.
          Dr. (Mrs.) S.Thanasundarai, Dr.(Mrs.) P.P.Shanthy and Dr.(Mrs.) J.Mahamayi was recognised as a Research Assistance for 
                    conducting Social Audit for Midday Meals Scheme  in Virudhunagar and Watrap Schools.
  • T.Viji, III Bcom(CA) was elected as a Secretary in Union Cabinet by the students of our college. She had rendered whole- hearted and voluntary service throughout the year.

  • Gold Medal and Cash Awards   
  • T.Rohini M.Com., was awarded a Gold Medal for academic Achiever.
  • K.Keertana B.Com was awarded, a Gold Medal for B.Com, all the parts put together.
  • B.Meena Monika B.Com(C.A)., was received a Gold Medal for B.Com with Computer Application all the parts put together.
  • K.Sivasankari I B.Com was awarded a Gold Medal for outstanding student who secured aggregate marks in I B.Com in I and II semester.

  • Silver Medal   
  • V.Janaki, III B.Com(CA) (R)., got silver medal for Runner in sports (II Position).

  • Sulthan Chand Dropadi Devi Memorial Scholarship   
  • R.Raveena III B.Com was received a scholarship from Sulthan Chand Dropadidevi Memorial Scholarship Endowment for secured I position in II B.Com(R)
  • K.Sivasankari II B.Com(R) was also received a scholarship from Sulthan Chand Dropadidevi Memorial Scholarship Endowment for secured I position in I B.Com(R).

  • SakalakalaValli Award/Achievers Gold Medal   
  • M.Aruna , III B.Com (R) ., is a recipient of Best Artist Award from Idhyam Jegathambal - V.V.V Rajendran sakalakalavalli / Achivers Gold medal.
  • B. Uma maheswari II B.Com (R) ., was received Best Sports Women Award and she was also received a Cash Award 5,000.