Department Of Botany

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♦To promote women's scientific knowledge of the world of plants.

♦To achieve economic and social empowerment.

♦To enable women to look at life scientifically and rationally and negate the notions of biological impurity , inferiority and powerlessness.


S.No Name of the Faculty Designation
1 Dr.(Mrs.) B. Karunai Selvi, M.Sc.,B.Ed.,M.Phil.,PGDMBT.,Ph.D.,
Assistant Professor & Head
2 Dr.(Mrs.) R. Murugalakshmi Kumari, M.Sc.,M.Phil.,M.A.,Ph.D.,
Assistant Professor
3 Dr.(Mrs.) R. Sreebha, M.Sc.,B.Ed.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,
Assistant Professor

Student's Oriented Service

     ♦Ward system
     ♦Career Oriented guidance
     ♦Training our students for self employment - Mushroom technology, Biofertilizer and compost preparation


The village Chattireddiapatti , Kunthalamppatti , Azhagapuri and Meesaloor are adopted and the following extension activities are carried out.

     ♦Preparation of Vermicompost
     ♦Preparation of Biofertilizers
     ♦Preparation of Compost
     ♦Cultivation of Medicinal plants
     ♦Therapeutic values and uses of medicinal plants available in and around the adopted villages
     ♦Conservation of Medicinal plants
     ♦Assistance given to village people for getting the saplings of Medicinal plants from Sevaiyoor
     ♦Solid waste Management - Separation of degradable and biodegradable wastes.
     ♦Awareness programme on creation of roof garden, eradication of dengu fever and uses of parthenium plant.


     ♦To protect our Mother Earth - 'Preserve Earth' Programs.
     ♦September 16th, Ozone Day celebrations
     ♦Waste monitoring programs - Vermicompost.
     ♦"Say no to plastics" and allied materials - Non-degradable waste materials.
     ♦Massive tree planting programs to fight against climate change & global warming.
     ♦Production of Biogas


     ♦Study Tour
     ♦Field Work
     ♦Exhibition on Environment
     ♦Exhibition to School Students
     ♦Herbal Preparations
     ♦Compost Preparations
     ♦Identification of plant species

Future Plan

     ♦To maintain an Eco Park within the college campus
     ♦To maintain Herbal, Kitchen and Rock Gardens
     ♦Herbal exploration - Research and Development on Medicinal Herbs in and around Virudhunagar
     ♦Extension Activities - Biofertilizers, Biopesticides - Organic Farming and other Integrated Land Management practices in the Rural Areas (My Village Project)
     ♦Creating awareness on waste disposal systems in the nearby villages through eco-friendly technologies
     ♦Massive tree planting programs
     ♦Women development programs to enable women to lead a life of dignity with economic independence and self reliance
     ♦Entrepreneurship development and performance improvement programs to improve employability skills in the field of herbal medicine, Mushroom Cultivation, Spirulina culture and Bio-fertilizers.

Department Activities:

     ♦ 20.01.2012 – Workshop has been conducted on “Green Health Therapy”.

     ♦ 12.09.2014 – Workshop has been conducted on “Mushroom Cultivation”.

     ♦ 26.09.2016 – Workshop has been conducted on “Plant Tissue Culture”.

Completed Minor Research Projects are

1.Genetic improvement of phosphate solubilizing micro-organism and preparation of microbial inoculant using vermicompost as a carrier material.  PI-Dr.(Mrs.)B.Karunai Selvi

2.Preparation of Novel Rhizoazophos Biofertilizer consortium and Evaluation of their shelf life in rice bran, coir pith and sugarcane trash.   PI-Dr.(Mrs.)B.Karunai Selvi

3.Studies on the impact of heavy metal ions on the growth, biochemical and enzyme characteristics of crop plant.   PI-Mrs.R.Murugalaskhmi Kumari